MVT - Edge Sander

The single sided machine is suitable for sanding and wiping of linear profiles and panel edges in solid wood, MDF, chipboard, plywood, veneered raw or varnished with polyurethane paints, U.V. paints, Polyester paints, Water-base paints or other types of finishes (Processing of one side on panel edge or two sides on profile for each pass).

The carefully selected materials used to make the machine, its sturdy construction and functional features ensure many years of perfect operation.

The machine is easy to use and maintain and can be operated by unskilled labour.

The high production output, in terms of both quality and quantity, is such as to satisfy the needs of the most demanding customer.


Working units:

  • Belt sanding unit for flat or shaped edge and profiles.
  • Oscillating belt sanding unit for flat surfaces.
  • Oscillating belt sanding unit for flat surfaces with Super Finish chevron belt.
  • Top and Bottom belt sanding unit for small chamfer and radius.
  • Top belt sanding unit with calibrating drum.
  • Top belt sanding unit with pad.
  • Bottom belt sanding unit for profile.
  • Cross sanding unit for flat edges.
  • Abrasive wheel sanding unit countershaped to the profile to be sanded with automatic device for wheel wear balancing.
  • Fixed or timed milling unit with soundproof booth.
  • Top and Bottom chamfer profiling cutter with work piece copying contact wheels with soundproof booth.
  • Polishing units.
  • Hot stamping foils units on edge panel.


Technical Data


Infeed speed: m/min 5 a 30
Working table height: mm 900
Working length / Min.: mm 150
Working length / Max.: mm ---
Working height / Min.: mm 10
Working height / Max.: mm 100
Working width / Min.: mm 40
Working width / Max.: mm ---


Additional informations: